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Maleah Webster

Maleah Webster (she/her) is a junior majoring in International Relations with specializations in East & South Asia and Social Development & Human Well-Being. She is also double minoring in Translation Studies as well as Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity. Maleah spoke with us about her interests within IR and her journey in research!

What are your primary academic/research interests?

I dabble in many different fields. I mainly take courses listed under Sociology, East Asian Studies, International Relations, and Comparative Literature. I generally love combining my interests in race and ethnicity studies with my international focus. I intend to go to South Korea this summer to research the subject of multiculturalism in homogenous countries. I will incorporate this research for my Honors thesis.

What is your favorite class you’ve taken in the IR department?

There are so many to choose from. I’ve truly enjoyed my classes. “Korean State and Society” with Professor Shin, “Divided Memories” with Daniel Sneider, and “Corporations, Human Rights, and Social Responsibility” with Jamie O’Connell are among my absolute favorites courses I’ve taken for the major.

What advice would you give students interested in international relations or foreign policy?

I would advise students to explore. There is so much that the International Relations program at Stanford has to offer, and you never know what’s out there that may spark a new passion in you. Take advantage of this flexible major and connect with faculty across all kinds of different departments.