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International Relations is an interdisciplinary undergraduate major that studies the interaction of actors in international politics, including states and non-state actors, such as the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, Amnesty International and other NGOs. Topics of study include foreign policy; international conflict and negotiation; war, peace, and international security; terrorism; international trade and economics; human rights, ethics, and humanitarianism; climate change and environmental issues; among others. International relations’ broad scope requires an interdisciplinary approach, drawing upon the fields of political science, economics, history, sociology, data science, law, foreign languages, and other fields. 

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Policies and Memos

IR Major Declaration

We wish to ensure prospective IR majors that our declaration process remains open and we are here remotely to support you. For assistance with your course plan and guidance on connecting with a major advisor, please contact any peer advisor or write to the peer advisor list. Please also refer to our Major Advisor Guide for helpful advice and a list of potential major advisors (that is not comprehensive). We strongly encourage you to reach out to faculty to discuss the possibility of establishing a student-advisor relationship; since all of us are hunkered down at home these days, faculty might be more accessible now than ever! 

2020-21 Grading Policy

The Program in International Relations counts all courses taken in academic year 2020-21 with a grade of 'CR' (credit) or 'S' (satisfactory) towards satisfaction of major and minor undergraduate degree requirements that otherwise require a letter grade.


Study Abroad Policy

While the program hopes that all IR majors have an opportunity to study abroad, it understands that program disruptions due to COVID-19 may make that difficult, if not impossible. The program is committed to ensuring that cancellations and travel risks due to COVID-19 do not prevent IR majors from graduating. For IR majors whose study abroad plans have been affected by program disruptions, the program will arrange appropriate accommodations, including waiving the requirement if necessary.

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