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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding the Minor

How do I transfer credit from another university or another overseas program?

See the Transfer Credit Office or refer to this website

After you receive the credit, you should complete the IR Course Petition Form and turn it in along with a copy of the syllabus and the transfer credit documentation to the IR Office for possible major approval.

What if I took a non-approved Stanford course that I want to count toward my minor?

Fill out an  IR Course Petition Form and include a syllabus and your transcript.

What do IR students pursue after graduating from Stanford?

Many IR students pursue careers in government, non-governmental organizations, and business or go on to graduate school in law, business, economics, or political science. Connect with IR on LinkedIn to network with former and current students. Here is a list of 100 current job title for IR Alum as self-reported on LinkedIn:  IR Alum Job Titles