Graham Chernik

Graham Chernik (he/him) is a senior majoring in International Relations. His specializations are International Security and International History & Culture. Graham is writing an honors thesis through the Center for International Security and Cooperation (CISAC). He is also working on a co-term in Sociology. Graham talked to us about his research interests, favorite class, future plans, and more!

What are your primary research interests?

 My primary research interests concern great power competition and military strategy vis-à-vis a U.S. shift to the Indo-Pacific. I am writing a thesis on strategic military alignment in Oceania right now. I was on the forefront of seeing this geopolitical dynamism when I studied abroad in Taipei, Taiwan, and I have also learned about it through taking phenomenal courses like INTLPOL 211 with Professor McFaul.

What sparked your interest in IR?

I became interested in IR because I am a huge world traveler and was intrigued by how that interest aligned with my desires to learn about different cultures around the world and serve my country in the future. At the top of my bucket list is to travel to every country!

Are there any Stanford classes or opportunities you would recommend for IR majors?

 I recommend taking INTLPOL 211: "A New Cold War? Great Power Relations in the 21st Century" with Mike McFaul or trying to get a RA-ship at the Hoover Institute so that you can be on the cutting edge of all things IR. At Hoover, I do research with retired LTG H.R. McMaster.

What are your future career goals?

 I am a member of the Naval Reserve Officers Training Program (NROTC) at Stanford and will commission as an officer in the Marine Corps in June 2024.