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How to Declare

A minor in International Relations (IR) is intended to provide an interdisciplinary background allowing a deeper understanding of contemporary international issues. 

Declare your International Relations (IR) Minor

To declare IR as your minor, log into AXESS and indicate that you want to declare the IR minor. Next, complete the IR Minor Course Plan (see below).  Then visit with a Peer Advisor (see office hours), who will assist you in reviewing your course plan.  Once the course plan is completed, please drop it off at (or submit it electronically to) the IR Office (intlrelations [at] (intlrelations[at]stanford[dot]edu)) or with a Peer Advisor.  The IR Faculty Director will review your IR Minor Course Proposal and, upon approval, we will confirm your minor declaration in AXESS.

IR Minor Course Plan

IR Minor Requirements

Students minoring in International Relations (IR) must complete a minimum of 30 units:

  1. 5 units from among IR Core Courses;
  2. 20 units from one Specialization of your choice;
  3. 5 units of additional IR coursework, which may include any IR course (pre-approved or petitioned).

Additional Policies

  • Up to five units of pre-approved Directed Reading can be counted towards your IR minor requirements.
  • Upon approval, a maximum of 10 non-Stanford units may be applied to the minor for credit.


If you are interested in meeting with a Peer Advisor to learn more about the IR program or to declare, visit their page here or send a message to irpeeradvice [at] (irpeeradvice[at]stanford[dot]edu).