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Study Abroad

As an International Relations (IR) major, you are required to complete one quarter (10+ weeks) of study abroad, typically through the Bing Overseas Studies Program. This page is not intended to be a comprehensive guide to the study abroad requirement and you should contact the manager of the respective BOSP program for final information. To visit the BOSP website, click here.

What is the Bing Overseas Study Program? 

The Bing Overseas Studies Program provides opportunities for you to spend time at an overseas campus while enrolled at Stanford. Quarter-long programs are offered in Australia, Berlin, Cape Town, Florence, Istanbul, Kyoto, Madrid, Oxford, Paris, and Santiago. Stanford also offers consortium programs in Kyoto and Barcelona. Please note, that BOSP’s “Overseas Seminars” are shorter in length and scope, and do not fulfill the International Relations major requirement.

More information on language requirements, financial aid, and internship opportunities can be found here.

How should I prepare to study abroad?

If accepted into a Bing Overseas Study Program, you will participate in a mandatory orientation program that details the cultural and academic requirements of participation tailored to each individual location.

You will need to acquire your own passport and visa and should anticipate processing time necessary for these documents to arrive. You must also carry health insurance with international coverage and should ensure that you have received the applicable vaccinations.

  • Details about health insurance requirements are available here
  • More general information about traveling internationally from Stanford is available here
  • Office of International Affairs (OIA) travel checklist available here.

Where do I register my travel? 

If you have not yet done so, you should Register through the Office of International Affairs (OIA) registry. OIA website found here.

How can I get help while traveling? 

While traveling through Stanford University programs, you will have access to the International Travel Assistance Program. The provider may vary depending on your health insurer. More information can be found on the here.