Maddie Cassic

Maddie Cassic (she/her) is a junior majoring in International Relations and minoring in Middle Eastern Languages, Literature, and Cultures. Her specializations are in Comparative International Governance and Social Development and Human Well-Being. She spoke with us about her academic interests and experience at Stanford.

What sparked your interest in IR?

I was very much a nerd in middle and high school and the first thing I always did when I got home from school was read the national and international news sections of the Denver Post. I was also very interested in politics, and so when I was choosing my major I decided IR was the best fit for the subjects I was hoping to study here.

What are your primary academic/research interests?

Arabic language classes have been a constant throughout my time at Stanford. I started in freshman year at the first-year level and am still taking it every quarter three years later! I’ll also be studying abroad this summer in Jordan to continue learning the language. Within IR, I’m very interested in examining how cultural differences manifest in government style and how they impact the relationships between countries.

What is your favorite class you’ve taken for the major?

My favorite IR class so far is one I was in this quarter: HUMRTS 115: “Corporations, Human Rights, and Social Responsibility” with Jamie O'Connell. It looks at human rights issues in a very different way than most classes here do, which I’ve really appreciated. The readings are also some of the most interesting I’ve ever had for a class, and I genuinely enjoyed doing them.

What are your future career goals?

My career goal is to join the Foreign Service and work as a diplomatic officer, ideally in an Arabic-speaking country. I’m planning to take the officer test this fall!