Katie Meyer

Katie Meyer is a senior studying International Relations. A varsity athlete, Katie represents Stanford as goalkeeper for the Women’s Soccer team. Katie reflects on her experience balancing school with athletics and her interests in international security and law.

“Balancing school and soccer has been challenging, but it's all I've ever really known! Traveling during Fall Season can be stressful because I miss classes, but my professors have been so accommodating and understanding... my teammates and I try to pay them back by getting big wins for the Farm. Thankfully, everyone on my team really loves school and we all do our reading and PSETs together on the road; hotel lobbies and the coffee shops we constantly seek out while we travel are actually very productive spaces, haha. Balancing a tight schedule becomes a little bit easier when you have your best friends by your side to help motivate you.

The first class I took at Stanford, "The U.S., United Nations Peacekeeping, and Humanitarian War" sparked my interest in International Relations. I had always been interested in history and politics, but once I started learning about international law and international security, I was completely hooked. My favorite class at Stanford has been "International Security in a Changing World," because of the two-day simulation that concludes the course. IR classes are simply the best. I have learned so much that has changed my perspective on the world and the very important challenges that we need to work together to overcome. 

I am excited to apply what I have learned as an IR major to the other academic areas I'm interested in. Currently, I'm taking some MS&E courses focused on applying technology to national security challenges. I think having an education rooted in IR has prepared me very well to take on many of the challenges we face in various industries. Also, as a senior, I am really excited to wrap up my time at Stanford having fun and learning as much as I can from some of the greatest professors and classmates in the world.”