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As an International Relations (IR) minor, you will complete 35 total units (10 units of Core courses and 25 units of Specialization courses) from the IR curriculum, as follows. Courses taken towards the IR minor may not duplicate courses taken towards your major. 


Required Core Courses (10 units):

Always refer to the Stanford Bulletin for course availability, as offerings vary on a yearly basis. 

1) International Politics (5 units)

  • POLISCI 101: Introduction to International Relations (INTNLREL 1) **Prior to Autumn15-16, this course was numbered as POLISCI 1

2) American Foreign Policy (5 units)

Choose ONE of the following courses:

  • INTNLREL 154: The Cold War: An International History (HISTORY 266C)
  • INTNLREL 168: America as a World Power: U.S. Foreign Relations, 1914 to Present
  • INTNLREL 173: Presidents and Foreign Policy in Modern History (HISTORY 261G)
  • INTNLREL 174: Diplomacy on the Ground: Case Studies in the Challenges of Representing Your Country (HISTORY 252B)
  • POLISCI 110C: America and the World Economy (INTNLREL 110C)
  • POLISCI 110D: War and Peace in American Foreign Policy (INTNLREL 110D)
  • POLISCI 110G: Governing the Global Economy
  • POLISCI 214R: Challenges and Dilemmas in American Foreign Policy