Summer Research College 2022

2019 summer research college presentations

The IR Program and Political Science Department are pleased to announce 2022 undergraduate summer research positions.


Summer Research College (SRC) is designed to foster close intellectual exchange between undergraduates from diverse disciplines and faculty mentors by involving students in the ongoing research of Stanford faculty. SRC participants will work directly with a faculty mentor on research projects for ten weeks—June 21 through August 27—and receive a $5,000 stipend with additional funding available based on financial need and/or location. These projects may be done in person or remotely based on university policy.

Throughout the summer, various workshops are offered to enhance the learning experience. Students attend technical workshops on Stata and Excel as well as sessions on preparing for graduate school and conducting a career search.

Students also have the opportunity to learn from their fellow undergraduates during lunch seminars held twice a week. In the seminars, students present their work to their peers and a panel of SRC faculty.

“The International Relations Summer Research College offers students a unique opportunity to experience the process of doing actual research while allowing them to gain valuable job skills, and preparing them for careers in either academia or the corporate world,” says Mike Tomz, Political Science Professor and Summer Research College Director.  


Participants must be current undergraduates at Stanford who have been enrolled for at least 2 quarters of the 20-21 academic year. Co-term students and seniors are eligible only if the bachelor’s degree will not be conferred before the end of the research appointment.


Students will be expected to work 40 hours per week during the ten-week program. Students and faculty will present their collaborative research in lunchtime seminars that will take place twice per week. You are expected to attend each seminar.


Each student participant will receive a $5,000 stipend with additional funding available based on financial need and/or location.


IR does not offer course credit for SRC. You are only eligible to receive the full Summer stipend. Students planning to take Summer courses may not enroll in courses that exceed 5 credits and must get prior approval from the SRC faculty member with whom they are working.  


Students may apply for on-campus summer housing—please note that room, board, house dues, and other academic expenses are paid by the student. Students are responsible for paying their university summer bill, which will include any other academic expenses incurred. To learn more about and apply for summer housing, see the Housing Assignment Services website.

Apply to SRC:

See the link below for project descriptions. Download the Project Preference Form (below) and use it to express your top three project choices in order of preference.  Please email your Preference Form, cover letter, resume, and unofficial transcript—in PDF form—to Paul Festa. If your application is approved, we will contact you to set up an interview. 

SRC Project Preference Form

SRC Cover Letter Guidelines 

SRC 2022 Application Deadline is TBD.

Questions? Contact Paul Festa, Encina Hall Central, Suite 30.