INTNLREL 61Q: Food and Security (EARTHSYS 61Q, EESS61Q)
INTNLREL 140A: International Law and International Relations
IPS 219: Intelligence and National Security
HISTORY 103F: Introduction to Military History
HISTORY 201C: The U.S., U.N. Peacekeeping, and Humanitarian War (INTNLREL 140C)
HISTORY 202G: Peoples, Armies and Governments of the Second World War
HISTORY 204G: War and Society
HISTORY 261G: Presidents and Foreign Policy in Modern History (INTNLREL 173)
HISTORY 277D: U.S. Intervention and Regime Change in Latin America
MS&E 193: Technology and National Security (MS&E 193W, MS&E 293)
OSPBEIJ 67: China-Africa and Middle East Relations
OSPMOSC 72: Space, Politics, and Modernity in Russia
POLISCI 140L: China in World Politics (POLISCI 340L)


HISTORY 201A: The Global Drug Wars
HISTORY 252K: America as a World Power: U.S. Foreign Relations, 1914 to Present (INTNLREL 168)
IPS 244: U.S. Policy Toward Northeast Asia
IPS 249: Living at the Nuclear Brink:  Yesterday and Today
OSPBER 15: Shifting Alliances? The European Union and the U.S.
OSPFLOR 49: The Cinema Goes to War: Fascism and World War II as Represented in Italian and European Cinema
POLISCI 114S: International Security in a Changing World (IPS 241)
POLISCI 214R: Challenges and Dilemmas in American Foreign Policy
POLISCI 238T: History of International Relations Thought


GERMAN 264: Post-Cold War German Foreign Policy
: The History of the International System since 1914
HISTORY 150C: The United States in the Twentieth Century (AMSTUD 150C)
HISTORY 252B: Diplomacy on the Ground: Case Studies in the Challenges of Representing Your Country (INTNLREL 174)
HISTORY 256: U.S.-China Relations: From the Opium War to Tiananmen (HISTORY 356)
HISTORY 297: The Cold War and East Asia
IPS 211: The Transition from War to Peace: Peacebuilding Strategies
IPS 231: Russia, the West and the Rest (REES 231)
MS&E 93Q: Nuclear Weapons, Energy, Proliferation, and Terrorism
POLISCI 110D: War and Peace in American Foreign Policy (INTNLREL 110D, POLISCI 110Y)
POLISCI 213S: A Post American Century? American Foreign Policy in a Uni-Multi-unipolar World
POLISCI 149S: Islam, Iran, and the West
POLISCI 240T: Democracy, Promotion, and American Foreign Policy
POLISCI 242A: Civil War and Peace Processes

The following courses are not scheduled to be offered in 2013-14. Students who successfully completed any of these courses in earlier years may still count them towards the major requirements:

HISTORY 138A: Germany and the World Wars, 1870-1990
HISTORY 158: The United States Since 1945
HISTORY 202: International History and International Relations Theory (HISTORY 306E, POLISCI 216E, POLISCI 316)
HISTORY 252: Decision Making in International Crises: The A-Bomb, the Korean War, and the Cuban Missile Crisis (HISTORY 355)
INTNLREL 152: Organized Crime and Democracy in Latin America
INTNLREL 154: The Cold War: An International History
OSPFLOR 51: Italian Foreign Policy and the Global Players
OSPFLOR 53: Law and the Use of Force: An Historical Appraisal
OSPMOSC 74: Post-Soviet Eurasia and SCO: Society, Politics, Integration
OSPMOSC 78: Russian-American Relations: from the War of Independence to the War on Terror
POLISCI 116: History of Nuclear Weapons (HISTORY 103E)
POLISCI 211P: International Security in South Asia: Pakistan, India and the United States
POLISCI 215: Explaining Ethnic Violence
POLISCI 215F: Nuclear Weapons and International Politics
POLISCI 218T: Terrorism