ECON 111: Money and Banking
ECON 125: Economic Development, Microfinance and Social Networks
ECON 126: Economics of Health and Medical Care
ECON 128: History of Economic Development
ECON 165: International Finance
HISTORY 202B: Coffee, Sugar, and Chocolate:  Commodities and Consumption in World History, 1200-1800
INTNLREL 114D: Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law (IPS 230, POLISCI 114D, POLISCI 314D)
IPS 202:
Topics in International Macroeconomics
OSPOXFRD 45: British Economic Policy since World War II
OSPBER 115X: The German Economy: Past and Present
OSPFLOR 96: Food and Politics
OSPBER126X: A People's Union? Money, Markets, and Identity in the EU
OSPMADRD 54: Contemporary Spanish Economy and the European Union
: Building the European Economy: Economic Policies and Challenges Ahead
: The Chilean Economy in Comparative Perspective
POLISCI 140L: China in World Politics (POLISCI 340L)
SIW 103: Economic Growth and Development
SOC 113: Comparative Corruption
SOC 114
: Economic Sociology


ANTHRO 143B: Anthropology and International Development
ECON 106
: World Food Economy (EARTHSYS 106, EESS 106)
ECON 118: Development Economics
ECON 122: Economic Development of Latin America
ECON 126: Economics of Health and Medical Care
ECON 141: Public Finance and Fiscal Policy
ECON 149: The Modern Firm in Theory and Practice
ECON 150: Economic Policy Analysis
ECON 155: Environmental Economics and Policy
ECON 164: Law, Economics, and Politics of International Trade
HISTORY 201A: The Global Drug Wars
INTNLREL 122A: The Political Economy of the European Union
INTNLREL 149: The Economics and Political Economy of the Multilateral Trade System
IPS 203: Issues in International Economics
JAPANGEN 51: Japanese Business Culture (JAPANGEN 251)
MS&E 185: Global Work
MS&E 271: Global Entreprenurial Marketing
OSPBER 161X: The German Economy in the Age of Globalization
OSPFLOR 78: An Impossible Experiment: Politics and Policies of the New European Union
OSPPARIS 91: Globalization and Its Effect on France and the European Union
POLISCI 110C: America and the World Economy (INTNLREL 110C, POLISCI 110X)
POLISCI 247G: Governance and Poverty
PUBLPOL 184: Poverty and Policies in Developing Economies
SOC 137: Global Capitalism and Development


ECON 113: Economics of Innovation (PUBLPOL 354)
ECON 150: Economic Policy Analysis
ECON 166: International Trade
INTNLREL 123: The Future of the European Union: Challenges and Opportunities
IPS 207: Governance, Corruption and Development
MS&E 185: Global Work
MS&E 271: Global Entreprenurial Marketing
OSPKYOTO 215X: The Political Economy of Japan
OSPPARIS 122X: Challenges of Integration in the European Union
OSPSANTG 119X: The Chilean Economy: History, International Relations, and Development Strategies
POLISCI 211: Political Economy of East Asia
POLISCI 216G: International Organizations and Institutions
SIW 103: Economic Growth and Development Patterns, Policies, and Prospects

ECON 111: Money and Banking
ECON 165: International Finance

The following courses are not scheduled to be offered in 2013-14. Students who successfully completed any of these courses in earlier years may still count them towards the major requirements:

ECON 119: The Russian Economy (REES 119/219)
ECON 123: Regulation and Competition in Less Developed Countries
ECON 127: Economics of Health Improvement in Developing Countries
ECON 162: Monetary Economics

HISTORY 234K: Economic Miracles? Crisis and Recovery in Modern Europe

INTNLREL 115: Development Issues in South Asia
INTNLREL 118S: Political Economy of International Trade

INTNLREL 147: The Political Economy of the Southern Cone of South America

INTNLREL 148: Economic Integration of the Americas
INTNLREL 165A: Globalization, Governance, and Human Rights
INTNLREL 170: Energy and Climate
IPS 222: Economic Development
OSPFLOR 35: European Economic and Monetary Integration
OSPMOSC 62: Economic Reform and Economic Policy in Modern Russia
OSPMOSC 74: Post-Soviet Eurasia and SCO: Society, Politics, Integration
OSPOXFRD 41: Europe and US Foreign Policy
OSPPARIS 33: The Economics of Climate Change: Policies in Theory and Practice in the EU and the U.S.