Course offerings are subject to change at the discretion of the home department. The listings below are intended to be an aid in schedule planning; students should always cross-check course offerings with Explore Courses.



CHINGEN 91: Traditional East Asian Civilization: China
HISTORY 195C: Modern Japanese History (HISTORY 95C)

HISTORY 196: Worlds of Ghandi
The Two Koreas
IPS 264:
Behind the Headlines: An Introduction to U.S. Foreign Policy in South and East Asia
: Chinese Media Studies
: China-Africa and Middle East Relations
China in World Politics


EASTASN 189K: Issues in US-Korea Relations (EASTASN 289K)
HISTORY 198: The History of Modern China (HISTORY 98)
HISTORY 290E: Movies and Empire in East Asia
HISTORY 295J: Chinese Women's History
IPS 244: U.S. Policy toward Northeast Asia
JAPANGEN 51: Japanese Business Culture (JAPENGEN 251)
POLISCI 141S: Introduction to the Politics of India
POLISCI 148: Chinese Politics: The Transformation and the Era of Reform
RELIGST 119: Ghandi and His Legacy: Violence and Nonviolence
SOC 117A
: China Under Mao (SOC 217A)


ANTHRO 149: South Asia: History, People, Politics

HISTORY 106A: Global Human Geography: Asia and Africa

HISTORY 195: Modern Korean History (HISTORY 95)
 U.S.-China Relations: From the Opium War to Tiananmen

HISTORY 292D: Japan in Asia, Asia in Japan
HISTORY 297: The Cold War in East Asia
ICA 296F: Short Stories from India and Pakistan
INTNLREL 143: State and Society in Korea
OSPBEIJ 20: Communication, Culture and Society:  The Chinese Way
Chinese Media Studies
OPSBEIJ 51: Arts and Society in Contemporary China
OSPBEIJ 55: Chinese Economy in Transition
OSPBEIJ 60: Modern Chinese Philosophy
: The Political Economy of Japan
Political Economy of East Asia
URBANST 145: International Urbanization Seminar: Cross-Cultural Collaboration for Sustainable Urban Development (EARTHSYS 138)

The following courses are not scheduled to be offered in 2013-14. Students who successfully completed any of these courses in earlier years may still count them towards the major requirements:

ANTHRO 77: Japanese Society and Culture (ANTHRO 277)
EASTASN 190K: Law and National Security in Korea
HISTORY 96S: City Between Empires: Nationalism, Colonialism and Identity in Hong Kong
HISTORY 108B: The Great Divergence: Latin American and East Asian Historical Development
HISTORY 197: Southeast Asia: From Antiquity to the Modern Era
HISTORY 291E: Maps, Borders, and Conflict in East Asia
HISTORY 292G: Modern Korea
ICA 250: Bollywood and Beyond: An Introduction to Indian Film
INTNLREL 115: Development Issues in South Asia
OSPBEIJ 30: History of U.S.-China Relations
OSPBEIJ 41: Chinese Society & Business Culture
OSPBEIJ 66: Essentials of China's Criminal Justice System
OSPBEIJ 75: China in the Global Economy
OSPKYOTO 15: Postwar Japanese Society
OSPKYOTO 60: Japan in World War II: Experiences and Memory
OSPKYOTO 62: Japan and America: A Historical Survey
POLISCI 211P: International Security in South Asia: Pakistan, India and the United States
POLISCI 218J:  Japanese Politics