HISTORY 187: The Islamic Republics: Politics and Society in Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan
HISTORY 202G: Peoples, Armies and Governments of the Second Wold War
INTNLREL 61Q: Food and Security (EARTHSYS 61QEESS61Q)
INTNLREL 114D: Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law (IPS 230, POLISCI 114D, POLISCI 314D)
INTNLREL 140A: International Law and International Relations
INTNLREL 140C: The U.S., U.N. Peacekeeping, and Humanitarian War
IPS 210: The Politics of International Humanitarian Action 
OSPOXFRD 35: Modern UK and European Government and Politics
OSPOXFRD 45: British Economic Policy since World War II
OSPPARIS 32: Understanding French Politics
OSPMOSC 45: Russia in the Changing World
OSPMOSC 72: Space, Politics, and Modernity in Russia
OSPSANTG 68: The Emergence of Nations in Latin America
OSPSANTG 116X: Modernization and its Discontents: Chilean Politics at the Turn of the Century
OSPSANTG 130X: The Chilean Economy in Comparative Perspective
OSPSANTG 221X: Political Transition and Democratic Consolidation: Chile in Comparative Perspective
POLISCI 244U: Political Culture
SIW 146: Diplomacy in Practice: Security Issues in the South Caucasus
SOC 113: Comparative Corruption


INTNLREL 122A: The Political Economy of the European Union
INTNLREL 149: The Economics and Political Economy of the Multilateral Trade System
OSPCPTWN 33: From Apartheid to Democracy: Namibia and South Africa
OSPMADRD 42: A European Model of Democracy: The Case of Spain
OSPMADRD 48: Spain: From Emigration to Immigration or Vice Versa?
OSPOXFRD 18: Making Public Policy: An Introduction to Political Philosophy, Politics, and Economics
OSPPARIS 91: Globalization and Its Effect on France and the European Union
POLISCI 141S: Introduction to the Politics of India
POLISCI 214R: Challenges and Dilemmas in American Foreign Policy
POLISCI 241C: Campaigns and Elections in Israel


HISTORY 204E: Totalitarianism
IPS 207: Governance, Corruption and Development
IPS 211: The Transition from War to Peace: Peacebuilding Strategies
OSPOXFRD 24: British and American Constitutional Systems in Comparative Perspective
OSPPARIS 122X: Challenges of Integration in the European Union
OSPSANTG 68: The Emergence of Nations in Latin America
POLISCI 149T: Middle Eastern Politics
POLISCI 240T: Democracy, Promotion and American Foreign Policy
POLISCI 242A: Civil War and Peace Processes
POLISCI 244: An Introduction to Political Development
SIW 146: Diplomacy in Practice: Security Issues in the South Caucasus


INTNLREL 144: New Global Human Rights
INTNLREL 145: Genocide and Humanitarian Intervention
OSPSANTG 129X: Latin America in the International System

The following courses are not scheduled to be offered in 2013-14. Students who successfully completed any of these courses in earlier years
may still count them towards the major requirements:

HISTORY 96S: City Between Empires: Nationalism, Colonialism and Identity in Hong Kong
HISTORY 307B: Environment, Technology, and Revolution in World History
POLISCI 140C: The Comparative Political Economy of Post-Communist Transitions
POLISCI 147: Comparative Democratic Development
SOC 110: Politics and Society (SOC 210)